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Oakley, Inc. is a sport and lifestyle brand, driven to ignite the imagination through the fusion of art and science. Building on its legacy of innovative, market-leading optical technology, the company manufactures and distributes high performance sunglasses, prescription lenses and frames, goggles, apparel, footwear, and accessories. The essence of the brand is communicated through hundreds of professional and amateur athletes who depend on Oakley products to provide them with the very best while they redefine what is physically possible.


SITIP is a leading Italian textile company founded in the '70s and today it is one of the largest warp-knitters in Europe. We are engineering technical and high performance fabrics for active wear for biking, triathlon, running and swimwear. Driven by passion, inspired by intuition and talent, boosted by experience and know-how we design made in Italy textile solutions, meeting the most demanding needs of professional athletes. Environmental responsibility is high on SITIP's agenda in compliance with the strictest international regulations. Ongoing innovation goes hand in hand with corporate strategy and growth. Optimization of human resources is the hallmark of SITIP's work ethic.


Three simple words that describe our products, our company, our culture…our future. As a leading, worldwide provider of navigation, we are committed to making superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sports that are an essential part of our customers’ lives.

Our “vertical integration” business model keeps these functions in-house, giving us more control over timelines, quality and service. Our user-friendly products are not only sought after for their compelling design, superior quality and best value, but they also have innovative features that enhance the lives of our customers.

Garmin has more than 9,2000 associates in 35 offices worldwide.


The mission of our company is to allow everyone who loves cycling to improve their performance without having to give up on comfort and style. We will be with you every time you are on the saddle of your bicycle, to share with you the effort and the satisfaction you can get from this wonderful sport, to make every pedal stroke more comfortable, and let you feel at top form with flawless style.
American Classic


When Trek began in 1976, our mission was simple: Build the best bikes in the world. Today, we’ve added to our mission: Help the world use the bicycle as a simple solution to complex problems.

The bicycle is the most efficient form of human transportation. It can combat climate change, ease urban congestion, and build human fitness. It brings us together, yet allows us to escape. And it takes us places we would never see any other way. Trek. We believe in bikes.
Road ID

Road ID

Our mission is two fold: One, to educate outdoor enthusiasts (runners, cyclists, triathletes, skiers, snow boarders, kayakers, walkers, and anyone that doesn't spend all of their time on the couch) about the importance of wearing ID. Two, to provide these athletes with innovative identification products that they will want to include as part of their gear.


fi'zi:k is a racing brand. It represents beauty, speed, passion, freedom for those who race against each other, race against the clock and for enthusiast cyclists around the world who identify with the feeling of the fire of competition. - See more at:

Lazer Helmets

For Lazer, helmets are more than just mandatory headgear. First and foremost they are brain protection, but they should also look good, be comfortable to wear and give you real value for money. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products in every important area, from comfort to ease of use, from protection to visibility. We have made many such improvements this year and we hope that you will discover them very soon.



SpiderTech tape is a non-medicated cotton kinesiology tape that you apply to your body wherever it hurts. SpiderTech is the first to provide convenient, standardized and easy to use Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape Applications, called “Spiders”. We also created the Universal X Spider for everyone.
Normatec MVP

Normatec MVP

Used world-wide by orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, and professional and Olympic athletes, the NormaTec MVP has quickly become the treatment option of choice for post and post workout, quick recovery, better performance, injury recovery, treatment for acute and chronic injuries, post surgery rehab, and healing faster with less pain.
Mission Athlete Care


TorHans® was founded by two passionate cyclists and a serial entrepreneur who found that the hydration products on the market were poorly designed and executed. TorHans® was born with a mission to create a sea change in hydration products for Cyclists and Triathletes.
Mission Athlete Care

Mission Athlete Care

The M Foundation is a revolutionary non-profit organization that inspires young athletes to lead healthy lifestyles and to perform their best – both within and outside the competitive arena. The mission of the organization is to educate and to inspire. The M Foundation educates through research and awareness programs, led by leading health scientists like Dr. Brian Adams.
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